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 Rank Assignments

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PostSubject: Rank Assignments   Rank Assignments Icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2008 6:28 pm

So we decided to make this forum a ranking forum.

Because, for some reason, ranks are fun.

So here goes:

In the beginning: Mundane.
100 posts: Werewolf.
175 posts: Vampire.
275 posts: Warlock.
400 posts: Shadowhunter!
500 posts: Choose your own customized rank or keep the awesome Shadowhunter rank as you please.

Yes, we're making you work for them. Wink But you have to earn the rank of Shadowhunter!

When and if you are ready for your own original rank, just send us a PM and we'll take care of it ASAP.

Have fun posting.
But remember in the rules not to flood the forum with the goal of post counts in mind!

Rank Assignments Rwac8xs8
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Rank Assignments
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